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1. Electric Steamer 

Rival Electric Steamer
Alat kukusan electric ini sangat bermanfaat untuk membuat masakan ataupun kue kue. Steamer ini dilengkapi dua bowl, yaitu steamer basker, dan rice bowl. 

Steamer basket digunakan untuk bermacam menu kukusan seperti kue mangkok, bolu kukus, lemper ayam, arem arem, nagasari, pepes, nasi tim ayam dan sebagainya.
Rice bowl ini digunakan untuk mengukus ketan, cake kukus, brownies kukus, kue lapis susu dan lainnya.

Steamer ini turn off otomatis, saat air yang digunakan habis, jumlah takaran air yang digunakan disesuaikan dengan lamanya waktu yang diperlukan untuk mengukus. Standar normal waktu kukus antara 15 - 20 menit membutuhkan 1 cup air, dan jika waktu yang dibutuhkan lebih lama, maka jumlah kebutuhan airnya disesuaikan user manual book yang disediakan. 

Steamer ini termasuk product lama, dan sudah jarang di pasaran, banyak product steamer lainnya, hanya kelengkapan yang memiliki 2 bowl untuk steamer basker dan Rice bowl agak jarang ditemukan. 

2. Ceramic Wok

It's takes me more than 6 months to find ceramic wok, coz mostly coz is made by nonstick, until I found this one, I love this wok so much ... This wok size is 12" and can handle big amount of food, and easy to clean. The pan inside have nice texture also in bottom. 

These product was available in green and red color, but seems currently they only have red color available. Also they only available in 9.5" now.

3. Ceramic Pan Set

My favorites pan always made by ceramic... WHY? more healthier but easy to clean. Most common pan that chef use is stainless steel pan, its good but hard to clean, especially for sticky food. I had set of stainless steel pan, but after struggling clean it, especially when I cook padang food, that sticky everywhere, I change all my pan to Ceramic pan.

The best ceramic pan is green organic pan (will review in different product), but usually its sell individually, and at that time I just find this set Ceramic Set that fulfill my need mostly for boiling this set includes : pot, salute pan, sauce pan, jumbo sauce pan, 1 small skillet, and 1 medium skillet. 

If you need several size boiling pan, I will recommended this product, but if you looking for skillet, better buy skillet separately so you can choose your own size as you need, unless 10" and 8" skillet is already good for you.

4. Zojurishi Rice Cooker

If you looking for buying new rice cooker, this one highly recommended, this has several features to cooking sushi rice, porridge, steam and cake.

5. Orgreenic Pan (Skillet and Grill Pan)

This ceramic skillet and grill pan is my favorite overall my pan collections. I used almost everyday, easy to clean. But you need read the instruction before you use. This product as seen on TV you can find in their store (usually they have store on mall) or any store that have kitchen supplies. Amazon not give links for these both of product not sure why, so better find in your local store.

6. Loyang Kue Cubit

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